How do I update or re-import animation in Unity?

I’m a complete beginner trying to learn Unity. How do I re-import or update an animation after I’ve it’s been imported into Unity? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I’ve been told to just delete the file and drag it in again, but that sounds like a silly workflow. I want to just re-import animation so all the events I added won’t get blown away.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Don’t delete the file.

If you drag the updated file into the Editor, one gets renamed but nothing overwritten so you end up with multiple files and also having to mess with import settings again.

So, in Editor, Right click the file (say its an fbx) and Show in Explorer.

Then, copy your new file and overwrite the old one in the Explorer window (make a backup first).

Then the old fbx will be updated without you needing to re-import or mess with import settings again.

To add the new animations go to import tab for animation and simply click the + to register the new animation.

This way you also avoid stacking up old obsolete versions.

From my brief experiences with adding animations (and updating them). I have found that you have 2 options.

1: You import the new model with animation and link that animation to your animated model in the ‘project panel’(this could get messy as you would have multiple imported versions of the model with different animations that all link to 1 in the scene)

2: As you said, you delete the old version completely and re-set all of the animations (assuming you are using legacy, I have no experience with mechanim)

Personally, for testing purposes use option 1, then when I am happy with it, I do option 2 to set it in place (and tidy up the project)

As of yet, I haven’t found a way to add to a timeline for an animation. Apologies if it’s not the ideal answer.

Well, I’m also a beginner learning unity and I came across this issue a few times and went with the delete all method…then I also thought it was a bit too silly so I fiddled around for a few minutes…and found that…

In the animations tab for the model you want to refresh the animation…
There is a clips subcategory where you can + or - and animation…
I selected the animation I wanted to refresh and subtracted it…
Then pressed the addition button and changed its Source Take back to the animation that I updated…