How do I update Unity if installer is blocked?

We purchased 2 copies of Unity 4.6 and now want to upgrade to 5. We tried clicking on the download installer on the web page and our fire wall blocked it. Our IT guys took care of that and downloaded the installer, but now when we try to run it, it tries to access the web directly to get the install files and this is also blocked. Error reads:

Error ‘Proxy Error (407)’ while downloading ini file from

Please verify that you are connected to Internet and your firewall allows downloading files. Alternatively download and install the individual components separately from

I can’t find the files in the “Alternatively…” option. Are there instructions somewhere to do this?

We are a big company that doesn’t like to make security changes, especially for 2 copies of a program, so an alternative to changing the fire wall would be a huge plus.

Getting the Asset Store to connect took weeks of back-and-forth with IT, many hours of guessing and running Unity from a BAT file to get it to work, so I’m really hoping there is a simple download-this-file-and-run-it alternative for upgrading to 5.



I had the same problem. Ask you IT guy to download the full installer directly: you can find it on the download page, just under the release date in “additional downloads”. There’s a dropdown menu that will allow you to download Unity Editor in 64 or 32 bits plus standard assets and stuff !

We ended up downloading the files individually and installed manually The installer wanted to access the internet directly so it never worked with our fire wall.