How do I upload a game to dropbox?

I do not understand how to put a game on dropbox.

I try using different guides, like


but after I upload the game into my public folder, but there is no option to “Copy Public Link” like the guides say.

On the dropbox website, there is an option to ‘Share link’ - which gives me this URL Dropbox - Error - Simplify your life and does not play for me, only loads the HTML.

What am I doing wrong? has dropbox changed their unity policies?

Place your file in the public folder (or export on it)

Wait dropbox had finnish uploaded your files. then, right clic on the html file / dropbox / copy public link.

Then, if it load the html page (but say you should install unity player again), just remove the s in “https” from your url

It turns out that dropbox did change their public account setup on october 4th 2012. So if you made your account after october 4th, you have to go this webpage and enable public folders:

Then you can follow the regular steps