How do I use AudioMixer.GetFloat?

The first argument is the name of my exposed masterVolume parameter, no problem. The SECOND argument is “out float value - Return value of exposed parameter.” I haven’t seen anything like that before. Why the hell would a get method need a value? Am I supposed to somehow reference the base type it’s returning? What a weird implementation the audio mixers have. The scarcity of documentation online is driving me nuts. Zero examples of this method on the internet right now, from what I can find.

EDIT: After some reading, I gather that “out” parameters are basically ways to return values without using return, but I still don’t know why it’s being used in this context, since there’s only one value being returned and it appears to always be a float. Why not just make GetFloat a one-parameter method that returns a float instead of a bool?

This was new to me too. After a bit of fumbling around I got things working like this:

public float GetMasterLevel(){
		float value;
		bool result =  masterMixer.GetFloat("masterVol", out value);
			return value;
			return 0f;