How do I use colliders and/or triggers to end the game?

I’ve looked up some tutorials but basically, I want to know how to switch to the credits (which is scene 2) from scene 1. I want this to happen after the player touches a model (chair v 1). The script isn’t coming up with any errors but it still just isn’t working. Any advice?`using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class collide : MonoBehaviour {






  • The level that must be added to the scene list of the project (File > Build Settings > Scenes In Build)
  • The level index that you pass to the LoadLevel method needs to be the same that is shown for your scene in the build settings, otherwise change the index to the one that is shown in the build settings (next to the appropriate scene) or load the scene by its name.

Scene Setup

  • The object that you want to collide with needs a collider which has IsTrigger set to true

  • Your player should have a rigidbody (or CharacterController) in order to successfully trigger the method

  • Make sure the tag is spelled correctly.

  • Make sure the tag is actually assigned to the chair.

  • Make sure the script is actually attached to the player, as you check for the chair’s tag. I’d personally turn it around, let the chair have the script checking for the player’s tag because your player might get into contact with triggers way more often than the chair, so this runs for nothing each time you enter a trigger.