How do I use "getComponent" to access a TextField input?

I’m trying to access the TextField component so I can compare that int value to another variable. I have set the TextField GUI to only accept int values/string, but I have no clue how to compare the number that the user inputted with a separate variable. (I’m sorry if this is confusing).

#pragma strict

public var Score : int = 0;
public var GameManagingObject : GameObject;
public var UserInput : GameObject;
public var UserInputInt : UI.InputField;

private var gameManager : GameManager;

public var textMessage : UI.Text;

function Start(){
	gameManager = GameManagingObject.GetComponent(GameManager);
	UserInputInt = UserInput.GetComponent(UI.TextField);

function Update(){
	textMessage.text = "Score : " + Score; //"

High Score : " + highScore;
if (UserInputInt == gameManager.AnswerDistance){
Score = Score + 500;
if (gameManager.ThrustersNumberOfClicks == gameManager.AnswerNumOfPartsT){
Score = Score + 500;
if (gameManager.FuelTankNumberOfClicks == gameManager.AnswerNumOfPartsFT){
Score = Score + 500;

Assets/ScoreScript.js(14,50): BCE0019: ‘TextField’ is not a member of ‘UnityEngine.UI’.

Thank you in advance.

There isn’t any TextField member of UnityEngine.UI. If you look at the left-hand side of the scripting docs, under UnityEngine.UI, you can see a list of all the classes in UI. Note that there’s no TextField, but there’s an InputField.