How do i use iap 4.12.0

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We are currently facing an issue regarding Unity IAP package, the package uses Google Billing library 5.2.1 in their latest package. The Google Play Store now throwing a Red Warning with a deadline of 1st August to update the Google Billing Library to 6 or newer.

I hope that every other studio that using same Unity IAP package for IAP is looking for the solution. I hope that this post reached out to unity team and they will update the Billing library in their Unity IAP package as soon as possible.
I have Unity version 2022.3.22f1 and there is no UIAP update to 4.12. On which version can I update to 4.12?

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Go to the Package Manager , click on the + in the top-left corner, select Add package by name and add the name com.unity.purchasing and click Add . This should install 4.12.0