How do I use iTween .zip Example packages?

I’m just learning Unity and I downloaded the iTween Examples from the site - I’m trying to achieve a character path constraint, for a 2.5 platformer game.

The example for this looks to be exactly what I need, but I’ve no idea how to import it into my project without destroying everything. I’ve had to restart a couple of times now.

Copying out the scripts and creating them by hand just results in the error reported here:

I tried a few of the solutions mentioned there but no luck. Nothing was renamed or even modified.

The iTween examples (at least the version I have) come as ready to be used projects.

So, you should extract any example you want to use to a new folder, then navigate to the Assets > Scenes folder (usually), and double click one of the scenes in this folder.

An alternate way of course, would be to open Unity, select Open Project and point it to the folder you extracted the example into.

It is probably not a good idea to import the examples into your project. Use them separately, understand how they are constructed in a clean, risk free environment, and then you will know what you need to copy manually.

The beauty about iTween is that it is a single static class, so in all standard cases, you will not need to copy any object (prefabs etc.) from the example, but only a few lines of code.

Thanks, that clarifies things. I’m fairly experienced in games but green as yoda when it comes to Unity :slight_smile: