How do I use Mecanim on an NPC?

I am making an NPC, and of course it needs walking animations. I have all the animations I need ready. I am using RAIN(Indie) for the AI, and when he follows me, his walking animation does not play. I have set it up with mecanim, and the speed for it to start is 1, and he is moving towards me at speed 5. Firstly, how do I fix this, and secondly, is there a tutorial on using mecanim with an NPC?

Using Mecanim for an NPC is no different from using Mecanim for a player character… it’s a FSM - you set parameter values through script, and it processes transitions between animation states accordingly.

While your game is running, load up the animator Window (Window → Animator), and drag it to one side so you can see it at the same time as your game window. Then, in your hierarchy pane, select the NPC object that has the animator control attached to it. The animator window will then show the states for this character in real-time, and the parameters window at the bottom left will show the values the mecanim animator is receiving from your code. The little blue line shows you the animation state that is currently playing. You should be able to see quite clearly what animation state your NPC is in, and why whatever transition you were expecting to occur is not firing

I got Mecanim running with RAIN in like 5 minutes. Personally I don’t think you have done enough searches. If you look up the RAIN YouTube channel it has a tutorial for how to do this.