How do I use Multiple Render Targets with Unity 3.5

the release notes for Unity 3.5 say that you can have multiple render targets now that Graphics.SetRenderTarget can take multiple RenderBuffer’s - however I can’t find Graphics.SetRenderTarget in the docs, and I’m having a hard time figuring out how to actually use this feature…

So I was wondering does anybody have an example of how to use multiple render targets in Unity? What do you write in the shader to set what output goes to what render target? How do you get RenderBuffer’s to pass in?

Also, my primary interest is mobile (Android/iOS) if it makes a difference


Here’s a simple example:link text

I’ve spent a lot of time researching this as well and was wondering the same thing.

I found a post on how to write a shader that outputs multiple colors which i tried, but haven’t had any luck assigning them to the RenderBuffers I set using Graphics.SetRenderTexture.

Also, I realize Graphics.SetRenderTexture is something that is normally used for post processing effects, but I was mainly interested in using it on a per-object basis, is this possible?

thank you