How do I use run Samples-InputSystem_1.4.4-Simple Demo-SimpleControls?

I use an Intel Mac using macOS 12.6.2, and I want to upgrade to the new Input System on an existing project. I imported Input System 1.4.4 and the Simple Demo package. My console then displays the following fatal error “Assets/Samples/Input System/1.4.4/Simple Demo/SimpleControls.cs(18,39): error CS0738: ‘SimpleControls’ does not implement interface member ‘IInputActionCollection.devices’. ‘SimpleControls.devices’ cannot implement ‘IInputActionCollection.devices’ because it does not have the matching return type of ‘ReadOnlyArray?’.” everything I tried has either created more errors or Changed the error message. I have the Player - Configuration - Active Input Handling set to Both.
I use the Unity Editor Version 1022.21f1

I changed the Project Settings > Configuration > Active Input Handling from Both to Input System Package (new). I can now load the Simple Demo without errors. Time to go to school.