How do I use SpriteManager?

Hi, I'm trying to use SpriteManager to play my animations from a texture/atlas. I've looked online and even read the wiki but couldn't find detailed instructions on how to implement a simple animation. At the moment, I already have the 3 files from the wiki, made an empty GameObject and assigned LinkSpriteManager to it. I'm not sure what to write to actually call the animations. Does anyone have any good examples of how to do so?


p.s. I'm told to use LinkSpriteManager because mysprites will be a playable character and will always updates its position. Can someone confirm this? Just like to know what's the main difference from SpriteManager.


this is unityscript.

public var animation : animation;
/*You define this file on your game object, just drag & drop*/
function OnTriggerEnter(){

All you need to do is define your animation, and this should work. Hopefully this is what you’re looking for.

Incase you’re looking for how to export an animation into Unity, this can be tricky.

Unity only recognizes animations with models that have bones, along with having to be baked. I suggest using Maya or 3DSMax to do this. I’m not an expert on this, so I can’t really give any tips on how to do it properly. You can find videos of how to use bones and how to bake on youtube probably.

Good Luck.