How do I use the .net Contains method to see if an ArrayList already contains an asset bundle?

Hi, I am receiving the following error message when trying to load an asset bundle:

‘xyz can’t be loaded because another asset bundle with the same files are already loaded’

…so,to alleviate this problem I have created an ArrayList which gets populated each time an Asset bundle is loaded.

This way, I can check to see if and assetbundle has already previously been loaded by checking the array, and if it has, not to bother downloading it again.

However, Unity doesnt seem to think the assetbundle which was previously downloaded exists in the array list and so the following code never gets excecuted:

//never gets excecuted

I’ve got a feeling its something to do with bundleName being a string but even if that was the case I wouldn’t know what else I could do?

p.s…When I print the contents of the ArrayList in the console before exccuting this line of code, the
print includes the correct bundleName. (So it IS displayed in the list as someAsset (UnityEngine.GameObject))

The answer is to make sure your arraylist is just a list of strings and when it comes to adding a previously downloaded object to the arraylist you just add it’s name and NOT the actual object: