How do I use the Standard Asset 2D character controller for a local multiplayer game?

Ive been working on a game recently, and I would like to add a local multiplayer mode (Playing from the same computer). I’ve spent the last hour or two trying to make my own character controller but none of them have worked as well as the Standard Asset Controller worked, the problem is I cannot figure out how to make the standard asset controller only take input from W-A-S-D while another controller takes input from the arrow keys. Is there a way to do this? If you don’t understand the question please let me know, I tried explaining it well but I don’t know how well I did it. Thanks In Advance! This is a 2D Platformer game by the way.

hi @hjd22, this problem can be solve very easily with project setting input, check out this video guide you how to make a fight 2d game with separate controls: Unity 5 Tutorial 2D Fighting Game Part 1 [Outdated] - YouTube

Check link: Recorded Video Sessions on 2D in Unity 4.3 - Unity Learn