how do i use the www class using a proxy server

I need to access a web address but it is failing due to the institutions proxy not being used by unity (it is set in osx system prefs but seems to be ignored by unity) any help on how to manually use the proxy?


Don't use the WWW class, use something like System.Net.WebClient (MSDN) or the HttpWebRequest (MSDN) class. Both of these, as far as I remember, support basic HTTP proxying.

Notice that for webplayers, WWW does handle proxies just fine. All WWW calls go through the browser and thus use its settings for proxies etc.

was finally able to solve this by setting the user ENV Variable HTTPS_proxy to http://www{my own proxy}:8000. This was instead of the HTTP_proxy. It was confusing, because apparently the “Check of Updates” does not use a secure conneciton (so it worked with HTTP_proxy), but the Assett Store does require a secrue connection.

WWW class also seems to work.