how do i use two animations on the same object??

Hey :), Okay basicly i cant figure this out i have been trying for weeks now I have a Walk animation, and a shoot animation i use “W” to activate the walk animation and Left mouse click to shoot how can i make it so that when i hold “W” and The “left mouse button” it walks and shoots at the same time if anybody could help that would be amazing, This is the code i use now ?

function Update ()





  else if(Input.GetKey("mouse 0"))





The simple code i no Thanks :P…

Lots of possible ways. Most obvious: in Start, set shoot to a higher layer, but upper body only. Have it as a PlayOnce (in the Inspector, for Assets.)

public Transform LowerSpineBone; // drag this in

Start() {
  animation["shoot_Boom"].layer=5; // anything past 0
  // Assuming lower spine is start of upper-body bone chain, legs not on it:
  // shoot should now be upper body only
  // can also use (Transform.Find("bones/lowerSpine")

Playing shoot_boom should now have upper body play shoot, leave lower body walking/idling. When shoot is done, upperbody should resume walking.

The animation docs explain this all, but take a few reads before you get the idea.