How do I use Unity 3.3? And were do I find Tutorials?

I just got Unity 3.3 and have NO clue how to use it! Can anyone tell me how to use Unity 3.3, Unity 3d or cans some one please tell me were to find video tutorials on Unity 3.3? I'm a noob. No clue how to use it. PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks!

u can go to the main website i think they have alot of free maps and stuff u can work with. im new to this program too :D and i have just made a simple map and now im trying to add my gun that i made in blender but im havening trouble :)

youtube is the best way to go tho just search in what u want to know :)

Try this site has a great set of beginner video tutorials.

Thank You for all your help! The tips and websites were very useful.