How do I use Unity Visual Scripting?

I have looked everywhere and I can barely find any information. I have 2020.1 Alpha installed and I have googled and it’s either stuff like bolt or posts that either months or years old.

You need to purchase a copy of bolt or playmaker. Not sure if playmaker is a part of unity yet or not. Also you do not have unity 2020, that has not come out the latest version is 2019.3 so go on the asset store, but a visual scripting tool and install it, there should be many tutorials on youtube.

Hi mate Good Morning .As I know true there is no visual scripting tool which developing by unity self but you could find great asset in assetstore .I am planning to buy one of them and found lots of detail .I found playmaker and bolt both of them have pearls and pitfalls .Bolt is activly developing by luqid and Bolt2 will be realesed soon .In addition bolt is much more understandable in complex projects however playmaker is much more easy to understand and have a much more tutorial in internet .If you ask my opinion I will prefer bolt =).

i’m looking for it. Have you found ?