How do I use Uv Maps from Blender in Unity 2017?


I’m trying to use a Model I made in Blender in Unity for a School Project. The Problem is that, when i add the Object to the Scene, the texture is not mapped. In blender, the mapping is working and looking fine. I’m using cycles render in blender if that matters. I tried exporting it as FBX from blender or directly use the .blend file. I got it working with some other model, but I don’t exactly remember how I did it. If i extend the model in the project view in Unity, I can see a blank Material. But if I add the object to the Scene and put the texture on it, it’s all scrambled up. If you know what I’m doing wrong or have the answer, that’s greatly appreciated. And sorry for my bad English, it’s not my main Language.

I’ve found the soultion. I hab to change the rendering mode to cutout. Then i showed the cutouts i had in the texture. I thought the mapping didn’t work because the outer layer of my model is only black.