How do I view the history of what profile records?

I added my Profiler tab and hit record; I played the game in the editor and then hit the stop button. The profiler says FRAME: 800/1240 with two arrow keys. I can only skip one frame at a time, in Unity’s Manual there are four arrow keys. Anyways I want to see what happens when I started playing but even trying to go back 1 frame at a time it stops
when the selection bar gets to the side of the screen. How can I view the history like frames 1-200?

I clicked on Profiler Editor and it seems to be recording stuff even though the game is not on. There is no mention of this in the Unity manual (online and included documentation). Does the profiler support me playing for 1 minute and then going back and look at data from the beginning or do I have to pause the game every 5 seconds before the data get’s pushed off of the profiler screen?

Explanation of the other buttons would also be welcomed!


I’m using Unity3D 4.0.1f2 Pro

You can’t it throws away the history afterwards in the Editor - use the profiler while the game is playing and click on the time line at the start (which will pause the game while you examine it).

On the player you can record the history to a log file and load it into the profiler window. See