How do I visualize the Runtime Profiler log?

I have followed the advices from the scripting manual on how to use the profiler in runtime with Profiler.BeginSample and Profiler.EndSample. The samples are put out nicely into my log file but what I am interested in kind of drowns in all the other information that is logged.

Is there any way to load the log file into the profiler to get an overview of my log frame by frame as when I use the profiler from the editor?

At the moment: No. The best you could do would be to write your own parser to display the information in a nice way, or you will have to look at the log files yourself.

In 3.3.0f4 your Profiler samples from script assets get into the Profiler Hierarchy window.

The Game Stats window + the Profiler window shows most of the statistics logged in the file.