How do inactive game objects affect CPU and memory?

Alright, I’m a big fan of object pooling. But hierarchy panel gets too crowded when you object pool every single group of game objects and it starts to worry me.

So, here’s what I know. I think that disabling game objects will use memory while saving me some cpu power. Fair exchange if you’re in need of better performance. But is this how it actually is? I usually have about 400 (mostly disabled due to pooling) game objects in my scene. Will object pooling lots of groups of game objects do me any good?

Inactive game objects can take up some CPU power, but not much.
However they still take up space.

They take up CPU power when they’re parented to other game objects that are moving around. If inactive objects are children, they have to move with the parent object.

Object pooling is definitely a benefit because you can avoid a lot of instantiation and garbage collection which does take up a good amount of cpu power. However you should be careful about just how much space you’re reserving for these pooled objects since on mobile devices you have less space to work with.