how do me and my friend make a game together

i already got unity teams advanced but when i join the actual unity tab and i build something he cant see it

I haven’t really worked with unity teams but if teams does not work for you, you could check out

Thats what i am using almost everytime when working with others (generally in software, not only when using unity).

Learning Git is not very hard and probably gets you further than using unity teams.

I’ve used both GIT and UNITY TEAM, if you’re more into coding standards git is powerful and excellent in collab work.

UNITY TEAM is more Easy to access and easy to use ,you don’t have to do lot of in that. Just work and when you’re done, just publish the changes. Your partner will be notifed on the changes and they use those changes.

Both are Great for collab and version Control.
It’s just matter of Choice.