how do multiple plugins in unity3d, Admob and Facebook

Hi all, I am noob in unity3d game development, in my first game i wants to add two plugins FB and ADMOB, both individually works fine. but i am not able to keep both together. because both contains its different androidmanifest.xml, I knew it might be problem of android manifest conflict of duplicate jar. or anything else. How can i solve it. is there any solution for this??


Every plugin that contains manifest wants to tell you that there is something you need to add to the main AndroidManifest, or otherwise it will not work. normally is a chunk for permission you just copy over. You have few ways to deal with it.

  1. Make a backup of original manifest just in case.
  2. Import Admob (if I remember correctly it will overwrite the original one) copy the permissions added there.
  3. Import Facebook click regenerate manifest from the menu up screen , and than edit it (for instance in mono, thus you need to navigate to it in the solution pad, it wont open from unity via double click). Add the admob permissions to it and voila.

Alternatively import FB first and than add there admob permissions as listed here

Always make a copy and triple check you have everything correctly, its easy to mess up with the manifest.

Hope it helps

Thanks smallbit, your answer could help me. but in my case it was problem with Official google play plugins with facebook. I just used GitHub - nabrozidhs/unity_admob_android: Basic Unity3D plugin for AdMob Google Play Services version. plugin with faceboo sdk its working fine.
But still here i am not able to destroy interstitial ad. So after plying some time my game gets very slow. Have any solution? Here interstitial.destroy() will not work.