How do the Locomotion System 'motion groups' work?

The Locomotion System has the concept of ‘motion groups’ - but I can’t work out how to use them effectively.

  • The example in the docs tells you to create a single group called “locomotion” and it’s not clear why this name was chosen, rather than leaving it at the default of MotionGroup1. Is there something in the demo scripts that uses this hard-coded name?
  • If I create 2 motion groups and hit Initialise, the system seems to use one of the two groups. How do I know which one it’s going to use, and can this be changed at design time in the inspector?

It appears that the Locomotion system creates a new animation for each motion group at runtime. Then presumably the Locomotion system uses one of the new animations to handle all the different variations of walking speed and direction within that group. So each motion group is basically an animation you can play to use the anims within the group and have the locomotion done for you.

But if you use 1 animation for more than 1 motion group (for example, you might have a ‘Normal’ Motion Group with Normal_Idle and Normal_Walk, and an ‘Angry’ motion group with Normal_Idle and Angry_Walk), the system stops working properly, and I can’t see why this would be so.