How do we create a character?

How do we create a character?

I'm beginner in Unity3D and I want to know how to create my game. I already create the terrain. (How do we do trees? The tutorials don't help me)

I want to create a game like Zelda. (Action Battle)

How do we extrude form and scale it?

Here's what I'm going to suggest, since your young like me I'd get Blender 3D and take a few weeks or months to get basic modeling skills down, then i would start learning about textured and animating then learn some C#, JavaScript, Boo or Python then give Unity a try, don't jump straight into it.

hope this helped.

You create a character by modeling and animating it in a 3D app and then importing it into Unity.

You can download 3DS Max Educational version for a free trial from here

Get your mum or dad to help you out with the forms, though.

You should be able to get a few months use out of it to start with. The best way to learn quickly is to follow along with some tutorials on You Tube - here are some simple ones to start with:

What the buttons do: (Super basic starter lesson)

Basic Model to start with - FISH!

Speed-video of modeling a Mario head: (Just to give you an idea of how the whole process works + inspiration to keep going!)

Making a character: (Part 1 - a lot more work!)

These are plenty to start with, but when looking for more, some key words to look up on You Tube are 'low-poly model', anything with 'tutorial' in it or words like 'simple' 'basic' or 'easy'. Always make sure you put in '3ds max' first, so you get tutorials for the right program.

Whe you get to the point where you want to start making your models move - look up tutorials on 'skin modifier' and 'biped'.

Since you want to make Zelda characters, try and collect some good front and side view pictures of them to use as references. As a beginner, you should be able to make characters like the N64 types fairly easily, once you get the hang of the controls.

Good luck!

well the site its down but find a page to download "make human" it makes the human for you just have to choose its feautures. for cartoon charaters i would use meta objects in blender 3d as for other objects (buildings, cars, boats, ect.) i would use cinema 4d. you can find a torrent for it if you dont want to pay. as for scripts in programming the game id just go to the unity prefabs and buy them or get someone to program your game. people say its so hard and all but its actualy just a more complex version of photoshop exept its 3d and animation (designing). but programming can be tricky but im sure anyone can learn unity's coding. my brother is 18 and cant even work a microwave but managed to make a pretty cool fps game. im making a Free roam/ RPG game like GTA but more cartoonish. i just try youtube when i get stuck. but yeah this is my advise.


As long as you keep the polygon count EXTREMELY low, sculptris is beautiful for this kind of thing

I would suggest downloading blender. i have not tried it yet but i have heard very good reviews on it.