How do we get a stable 72 fps in Quest 2 Unity application?

Hello Unity developers
I am trying to publish an app in the oculus store but the required framerate is 72 fps
After so much research i was able to hit 72 fps in my game , but not every time sometimes (at worst case scenario) when looking at other objects the fps drops to 40 to 48fps and at normal game view it goes up to 55 to 60 fps or sometimes 65fps
I changed my settings
To URP render pipeline
using OpenGL
Other recommended settings for oculus quest 2
I am maintaining triangle count in between 1.1M to 1.4M
Draw calls at worst 340 least 210
Set pass calls are at worst is 54
I reduced each and every texture with ASTC (6 × 6) and highest texture size in the whole game is 3.4 mb
With GPU instancing enabled in all materials
There is only 1 reflection probe(baked 512 resolution) no direction light
Ocullusion culling enabled
Smallest occluder 0.5
Smallest hole 0.25
Back face threshold 100
In the scene i am using the OVR player controller to move around
No post processing
anti- aliasing to 4x
Terrain holes disabled
And 2 FBX files are instantiating each file 30 mb with the textures
There are only 2 animators in the whole game
And that is basic(2 animations)
Help me I tried everything I know but I was not able to achieve the stable 72 fps
I can’t use LOD (level of detail group) by the way for this game.

Interestingly I am in the same shoes.
I have done everything you have listed (except OVR controllers).
Reduced draw calls.
Reduced meshes/vertices.
Combined meshes.
I have implemented culling, a few reflection probes, reduced textures (ASTC 6 x 6), turned off reflections for all materials, (still have some post-processing), but I still have FPS drops.
This happens when I’m looking at some specific objects.
I cannot figure out exactly what I still need to do.

It just seems like near impossible.
I’ll update this thread if I’m able to fix it. I found a link that might be helpful (yet to try it out)

There are few settings which helped me to get stable 72fps , try using 2 or 1 reflection probe in the scene make that reflection probe as “custom” in culling mask create layer name it whatever you want and bake only the layer you want to see in reflections, I’ll attach my probe values if this helps.204027-screenshot-2023-01-19-173337.png

In OVR camera ensure you draw distance is less than 150 and near 0.1 or something not less than that

turn off cast shadows in the mesh renderer on every mesh you have trust me it helps, and ensure don’t destroy game objects every time try to use set-active and hide I saved up some space there in CPU

If you have a skybox try to make the resolution to 1024 or 512 “By override it in android”
Also turn off every related shadows settings if you still not able to see a 72 fps