How do we stop thieves?

Hi, is there any way to prevent our unity games from being ripped from their web-playable hosting locations and uploaded all over the internet by frauds who get revenue per play???

This has happened with 2x of my games now ><

If you’re talking about webplayer, you can use Application.ExternalEval to check the host which is serving the file to the browser and, if it’s not your domain, redirect the user. e.g.:

    "if(document.domain != '') { document.location=''; }"

First thing, that comes to my mind:

  • give hints in the splash screen, what you think is legit with your game. So if it is free, say this on the splash screen.
  • give some extra bonus to players that tell you where they got the game from. Some extra levels or whatever. So you get a clue of where your game is spreaded.
  • the most important thing: do not spend too much time in securing your game from being pirated. Put this time in better games. Even monster companies like EA or Origin qre not able to completely protect their games. It’s an impossible mission. The only games that are not stolen are games like WOW or starcraft, that only run over servers from the producers; and games with a massive multiplayer part.

Only my 2c.

You could use the example for absolute URL when using Web-Player: Application-absoluteURL - Unity Scripting API