How do you access the Blocking Mask of GraphicsRaycaster in code?

I’m trying to change the Blocking Mask of a Graphics Raycaster component of a Canvas via code, but there doesn’t appear to be any way to access it. For example, I can access “blockingObjects” like this:

canvas.GetComponent<GraphicRaycaster>().blockingObjects = GraphicRaycaster.BlockingObjects.None;

However, there is no equivalent for the Blocking Mask. Is this just not accessible via code or is there some other way to access it?

Using Unity 5.0.1f

Hi @Lamargo Have you found an answer for this? the blockingMask parameter is still protected in GraphicRaycaster, I don’t even know why they wouldn’t make it part of the component’s interface.

Perhaps use System.Reflection?
In particular try to get FieldInfo