How Do You Add A Border To A UI Sprite?

Hi =)

I have a custom image that I imported into my project as a UI Sprite (its a PNG).
However, I don’t see an option to add a border to my sprite like the original UI, is this still possible? If so how do I add my border?

Here’s a picture of the problem :


Hi lavapig,

This can be done by editing your sprite in sprite editor while setting properties of your image.
If you don’t want this error for now, change image type to be simple.


Actually you have kept the image type to be sliced but your source image is not sliced, Keep your image type to be simple .This image doesnot have a border issue will go.
U can edit your sprite using sprite editor if you want image type to be sliced.

Anyone know how to add a border to a image that is imported from a server while the program is running? The images in question are pulled from a server as needed, therefor I cannot preemptively edit them with the sprite editor. I have tried creating a panel and placing the image as a child of it, centered, but this doesn’t look perfect in all screen sizes (for iPhone app.)