How do you add AnimClips at import time correctly?

Hello Iam slowly making progress on getting my animations into unity but I have an issue that I have to reimport the fbx file for my created clips to show up. For example in this grab you can see the project shows two anim clips but on the right in the inspector the correct 4 clips are shown: alt text But if I then reimport the asset the project shows the correct set of clips alt text Iam making and adding the clips at import time through the AssestPostProcessor class thus:

`void OnPostprocessModel(GameObject go) { Debug.Log("PostProcess " +;

BaseData[]  data = go.GetComponentsInChildren<BaseData>(true);

for ( int i = 0; i < data.Length; i++ )
*// Deal with anims*
*ModelImporter modelimporter = assetImporter as ModelImporter;*
*modelimporter.clipAnimations = new  ModelImporterClipAnimation[0];*
*for ( int j = 0; j < data.Length; j++)*
 *if ( data[j].GetType() == typeof(AnimationControl) )*
 *AnimationControl acon = (AnimationControl)data[j];*
 *ModelImporterClipAnimation[] anims = modelimporter.clipAnimations;*
 *ModelImporterClipAnimation[] newanims = new ModelImporterClipAnimation[anims.Length + acon.clips.Count];*
 *anims.CopyTo(newanims, 0);*
 *for ( int a = 0; a < acon.clips.Count; a++ )*
 *ModelImporterClipAnimation clip = new ModelImporterClipAnimation();*
 *clip.firstFrame = acon.clips[a].StartFrame;*
 *clip.lastFrame  = acon.clips[a].EndFrame;*
 *clip.loop   = acon.clips[a].Loop;*
 *clip.wrapMode   = acon.clips[a].Wrap;*
 *   = acon.clips[a].Name;*
 *newanims[anims.Length + a] = clip;*
 *modelimporter.clipAnimations = newanims;*
*<p>So can anyone help into why I have to reimport for the clips to show up correctly, there must be a step Iam missing somewhere.*

I posted a script we used in a previous project to perform the animation splits on import here.

Reading through your code, there are a few things I'm not sure of as they are referencing custom classes that haven't been provided (eg AnimationControl), so I can't really comment on what is exactly happening there, however I can say that my script worked reliably so it might be worth looking at to try and fix your issue.

One thing that did stick out however is you are using OnPostprocessModel(), and I am using OnPreprocessModel(). Possibly the editor doesn't see or save the changes until the second import as they are happening after the import, not prior to the import.