How do you add RigidBody from one Game Object to another Game Object?

How do i drag the Rigidbody of a prefab to another Game Objects script variable?
Any sort of help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

In the Inspector of the object you want to copy from, click on the gear in the top right of the component. In the dropdown, click “Copy Component.”

Then on the object you want to copy to, click on the same gear on any existing component (like Transform) and in the dropdown, click on “Paste Component as New.” Should be good!

FYI, this same tactic can be used to copy the values of one component to another of the same component, by clicking “Paste Component Values” instead. That’s especially useful if you position something perfectly during runtime, and don’t want to lose that position when you stop the scene - simply do the Copy Component on the object’s Transform, stop the scene, then on the same transform, click and select Paste Component Values. I know that’s off-topic but I wish I learned that earlier than I did.