How do you alter EdgeCollider2D component points?

Here’s hoping this is a stupid question. I’ve been running the following code, and finding that the before, and after values are the same, both in the log, and in practice. This deviates from other components I’ve worked with in script.

void shift() {
	EdgeCollider2D testEdge = GetComponent<EdgeCollider2D>();

	for( int ix = 0; ix < testEdge.points.Length; ix++ ) {
		Debug.Log( "before: " + testEdge.points[ix] );
		testEdge.points[ix].y += 0.1f;
		Debug.Log( "after: " + testEdge.points[ix] );

To add points to the array, you create a new Vector2 array, set the old points, then the new points to it and set it to the collider using its points property. If you only need to modify the points, you can access the array from the same property.