How do you assign a scene to Application.LoadLevel

Is a scene the same as a 'Level'? If so, how do you specify which scene is level 0, level 1, etc?

Is there a command to simply reload the current scene just to make sure? I searched for reload but did not see anything in the script ref.


The int version of LoadLevel takes the id from build settings as you've found

You can also call the string version, which takes the scene name from the project view (Though it still has to be in build settings for it to be found)

If you want to reload the current level, you can use

Application.LoadLevel (Application.loadedLevel);

You'll, of course, need to make sure to manually reset or destroy anything that was created by the scene and marked as `DontDestroyOnLoad`.

And yes, the only way to put levels in any order in your build is from the build settings menu. You can jump around to which level is loaded by specifying its name or build order, but if you wanted to insert your levels in order in the build sequence and just want to jump from one level to the next (ie, Menu->Level1->Level2->EndGame), you can use

Application.LoadLevel (Application.loadedLevel + 1);