How do you authoritatively control objects that were already in the scene, and not Network.Instantiated?

I currently have basic authoritative AI enemies set up in my game,simply by destroying the enemy spawn objects in all instances of the game except the server, and the server constantly checks if any of the players in the scene get within distance to the spawn object, and Network.Instantiates an enemy at that spawn.

In this situation, the server is the network owner of those enemies when they spawn, because he is the only person calling Network.Instantiate... so I can then have a script on the enemy that only the server runs that moves the enemy around, and just syncs the results to the clients by observing NetworkRigidbody (on the clients).

My question is, what if I want to have a bunch of objects in the scene that don't get Network.Instantiated, but are just in the scene by default (like scenery, barrels, crates, etc)., that I want to move authoritatively? How would I make the server the owner of those objects?

Figured it out. If anyone is interested to know, any object that already exists in the scene as soon as it is loaded, is owned by the server :)

(I probably should have just assumed that, I was horrified that I was going to have to manually allocate all the networkview ID's of objects that exist in the scene by default)