How do you Backup you Projects?


i am still new to Unity but am starting to write various projects now and wondered how the community generally manages the backup and possibly source control of their content.

Currently my projects live on either “Dropbox” or “One Drive”, and what i do is i “Zip” the entire project folder up before i start a new session and just rename the “Zip” to

This seems a bit binary and i know there are better ways to protect my code and changes possibly using “Source Control”.

Put in mind i am a lone developer writing for pleasure, so do not plan to use any enterprise products.

What do you reccommend?

i have read a few articles, and from the lack of response i guess my method of “Zipping” is as good as any without using “BitBucket” or “SourceFree”.

i am a lone designer\developer so no need to share code.

Dunno if this is still relevant but here are some of suggestions:

-take the game folder which is usually in documents and place in a memory stick or hard drive


-save the game folder on an online service, can’t think of any names of the top of my head.