How do you bake constraints into a Blender armature for use in Unity?

I know this is probably more of a Blender question but I am trying to work out the proper workflow to import Blender models into Unity.

I have a character that I rigged with an armature in Blender2.6. I imported a bvh file and added constraints to just the bones that I wanted and then animated bones manually that weren’t in the bvh(to make a fist for example). It looks great in Blender but when I export to Unity I get my animations listed twice, I’m guessing one for the BVH armature and one for the models armature. Trying to run the animations I get either one or the other animating but neither both.

I would like to bake the constraints I set up into the models armature and delete the BVH armature. Nothing I try works though. As soon as I delete it(or not export it) my mesh just shows the animations I manually applied and not the constraints. I even went through frame by frame adding each pose as a keyframe and Blender didn’t seem to care.

Searching, I found solutions for older versions of blender but nothing for their current animation system.

Does anyone have any ideas how to make this work?


and if this site gets down here the answer directly:

3D View (Area/Tab/Window) → Object/Pose → Animation → Bake Action…

In Object Mode all armature bones of the selected armature will baked.