How do you Blend Tilemaps Into Each Other?

I’ve been playing around with the new tile maps in unity, but there are some limitations that I’d like to bypass. I want to make it so that one texture blends into another texture, a fade in. I currently have two tile maps: one with a grass texture and another with a sand texture. How do I make it so that they blend into each other instead of having an instant switch in texture? I’ve been looking for a way to implement some sort of masking system, but I have yet to find one.


I haven’t worked with the Unity Tilemaps system for the moment, but from what I know from tilemaps : they are not intended to work as you are describing what you want :
Usually when making a map like you are describing it, you will need “transition tiles” to have a nice change between grass/sand in a single tilemap. See this image :alt text

Look at the square shapes that contain the transitions.

Alternatively, if you absolutely want two different tilemaps for the different ground types, it should be possible to use semi-transparent transition tiles for the grass map, to have it transition smoothly with sand.