How do you change the colour of individual particles having assigned them a material?

I have a particle system, and I have no problem changing individual particle colours in the default material and shader, just simply using

particles_.color = myColor*;*_

However, when I assign the particle system a new material that I made (using an unlit shader), I cannot assign the colour using this method. I also can’t seem to use
particles_.GetComponent().material.color = myColour*;*
What I ultimately want to do is have solid-colour particles with no diffuse alpha gradient (as is there in the default material). How can I change the colour of the individual particles, while having non-diffuse looking particles?_

I figured out the answer to my own question - it is simple really. After choosing a material in the “renderer” section of the particle system options, you should select a shader from the “particles” section in the shader select drop down menu next to the material component. To replicate the default shader, you should select “particles/alpha blended premultiply” from the shader menu. You can select a new texture that has a solid texture to create opaque particles.