How do you clear a variable in the inspector?

I have a MonoBehaviour that I use in many places throughout my project. There is one public AudioClip variable that gets used if it’s assigned, but I intentionally leave it null on GameObjects where I don’t want to play a sound.

Now I’ve accidentally dragged an audio clip onto this variable on one of the GameObjects that should not play a sound. How do I clear it back to null without having to delete the script and adding it again?

I stumbled on the answer by experimenting. You just click the variable and hit the Delete key!

in the start function of the script attached


Ok, so what you want is click the little circle on the right of the slot. That opens a new window with all your sounds. The first one is none.

Click on the selector for the appropriate slot in the inspector and select “none” from the list.

Click the setting button in the top right corner and int the drop down menu click: “Reset” or “Revert to prefab”