How do you connect two objects with varying length with a pixel sprite?

I’m making a top-down pixel art game that includes a slingshot-like mechanic where the player can attach their body in 2 points and shoot themself by dragging and letting go. My friend and I managed to get the mechanic working but we’re stuck on how to make a sprite in between the points and the player. Here’s a picture to show what I mean. The two knobs on each end of the red line are the points that the player (green ball) attached to and I want to know how to add a flexible pixel sprite in between the knobs and the player.

I’ve tried searching for solutions but most opted for scaling the object in between the two points which I doubt would look good in our game as the pixels would look stretched. I also came across a game from a video which does something similar. link text at 5:02, the dragon’s head and body are attached by a sprite.

Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

I found a solution that worked pretty well in case someone bumps into the same problem. I just got a line renderer and changed the material into the sprite. I also changed the texture mode on the line renderer to tiled, which stopped the sprite from just stretching. Hope this helps.