How do you continue a project on another Computer?

I have a personal edition account and i tried to continue my work another computer and it wouldn’t show up at all and i was wanting to know if there was any way to continue my project on another computer.

Hey. This link might help:
Moving the project - Unity Answers.

If you want to continue your project on another computer, there are several things you need to look at.

If the aim is just to transfer manually your files, let’s imagine by using an USB storage or whatever, just copy your project files like explained by DannyB in his answer : Moving the project.

But if you have access to the internet, I would also use a source control suite (Server-side : Mercurial or Git, Client-side : TortoiseHG or SourceTree, Plastic SCM, and some services Bitbucket or GitHub, etc.).

There are several advantages of using this kind of system (all professional use source control). First, you may be able to backup your project and save each states of your project. If you are a team you can easily work all together in the same time on the project. And you don’t have to manually copy/paste your project each time. This is a glimpse of all the advantages of source control. If you want to know more (and I highly suggest you to look after that) take a look here :

Hope it helps.