How do you create a button using UI to load a different scene?

I’m using C# and can’t figure out why my script is wrong. here it is…

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class StartMap : MonoBehaviour


public string levelToLoad = “Multiplayer”;

public void OnUpdate();
if OnClickInstantiate.enabled = true


In C#, the comparison operator is == . In your code you’re trying to assign true to OnClickInstantiate.enabled .

To load a new scene when clicking a button, just use a simple GUI:

if(GUILayout.Button("new scene"))

Keep in mind that this will position your button in the top left corner of the game. Just ask if you need it to be central, I’ll edit into the answer for you!
You can also change “new scene” to whatever you want the button to say. And I think you know how Application.LoadLevel works!

Good Luck!