How do you create a "long-distance" view using terrain


I have a 3 gameobjects in my scene.

A terrain which is painted with grass effects.
A Player Gameobject which has a Camera (Placed in the cockpit area) and a free plane prefab from the store.
Camera(Child of Player)
Plane (Child of Player)

If i put the plane high up in the air the terrain renders closer and closer to the camera and is unpainted until you move a little closer.

How can i make it so regardless of the height of the plane the terrain will still render with the textures, etc.??

I tried using the field of view on the player camera (Which is the only camera in the scene) to no avail.

So the desired outcome is if plane is high it could see the terrain texture all the way to the horizon and if plane is low to the ground it can see as far front until a mountain or something bloc the view.

Many thanks!

Dont know how this guy on this video done it but heres the effect im looking to achieve.

Terrain settings. The gear icon right side of the paint.

Set detail distance to max. Default is 80. Grass will show from high up, but of course there is a limit.