How do you create a main menu?

Hello, I am currently working on my first game, as far as the look of the menu goes I already have it set up the way I want it for now however, none of the buttons work. I have a New Game, Load Game, and an Exit Game button and im wondering what the scripts look like for those to work as I do not know C#.
I do plan on learning it as I go so that way ill be able to do things on my own later but for now I would love some much needed help.
So my next Question is going to be how to make a pause menu and an inventory for the character.

I imagine you are using buttons? If so then you can use the OnClickEvent on the button to run a method that will load a particular scene.

Write a script similar to the one in the docs that loads a scene and attach it to your button. Drag the button gameobject into the event and select the function.

Before attempting something as complex as an inventory system using C# I really recommend learning the basics and then attempt something more difficult. There are loads of tutorials on how to do so (youtube is very good). I’ve only been learning C# for 6 months and have just finished writing my own inventory system. You won’t get far without learning the fundamentals. Good luck!