How do you create moving 2d effects?

When a player shoot an egg and it is connected with atleast 3 of the same egg color. It will explode and effect will fly out of the position of the eggs.

Here is the link to example : PC Longplay [109] Dynomite - YouTube

How do you create an effect similar to this example?

Do you do it by create sprite animation frame by frame? If so, How do you make it move around?


Do you have to create all sprites for the effect such as

  1. Top left part of the egg
  2. Top right part of the egg
  3. Bottom left part of the egg
  4. Bottom right part of the egg
  5. Oval

and make them a child of parent game object, and animate their movement to look like they’re exploding by using Animation Tool in Unity?

Thank you.

I don’t think theres a right answer to this since you can do it many differemt ways. If you have a limited amount of eggs to animate I would make breaking animations for each of them, where the 1st frames look like an unbroken egg. I’d instantiate the right animation on top of an egg being broken and hide the normal egg grphic from under it.