How do you delete an asset from store?

I did google this first so please no ‘look it up on google’ attitude answers.

I got the free ‘Japanese otaku city vdraft’ because it was free. I downloaded it but have never imported it into a project. The issue is that EVERY day it says it needs to be updated. No matter how many time you download it, it still wants to be updated the next time you open the asset store. I have deleted it off of the hard drive. The issue is that once you open the asset store window, it will then think you own it and want you to redownload it.

So I was wondering if there was a way to tell the asset store that you no longer want this product in your library. That way you can delete it off the hard drive and it won’t show up again.

BTW: the asset store window is a joke. It is so slow it is almost useless. You can’t reorganize the assets into folders, you can take notes, you can’t print them out or anything. You’d think that Unity who makes money off of the asset store would put a little more effort into it.

Hi, I found this on our website regarding assets not updating ( ):

Typically this is caused when an asset has been downloaded from the instance of the machine you are using and appears in the Asset Store directory where all your downloaded packages are stored. The problem is that some packages (the ones that fail to update) are not downloaded and purchased on the account you are currently logged into.

To solve this, you will need to log back into the account that the asset was purchased on and update that way.

If you have tried this and it still fails you will need to contact support via with the title “[Asset Store] Asset Update Issue”.

Regarding deleting assets from your account: it’s currently a feature request that’s on the roadmap to be implemented by the AS dev team. So it’s coming.