How do you delete your projects???

I do not want to see my projects I do not need nor want, please some one help me on this!

When you create a new project, Unity allows you to set a folder where you can put all your projects. Try to create a new project and look at that direction so you can know where they are. You can go there and delete the project’s folder and it’s done.

By default, the projects go to: “Username” > My Documents

esaier way here.
move your project in the document to somewhere else.
and if you re open unity, you will never see that again;)

If you want to delete it forever, go to the files of your pc and search where your projcets are downloaded. Then delete it.

@Soucyfelix21 What do you mean, like? I don’t know where project files is downloaded at, it’s just in my Desktop files so I see it there, unable to rename it or trash it in Recycle Bin.

When you open Unity Hub, at the far right of each of your projects, you see 3 small dots. Click once on those, choose “Show in Explorer”. It will open a new window at the very root of that said project. Just delete it on that window, restart Hub, and it is done.
As of myself, I prefer to move the project somewhere else, like an external disk, just in case I need to return to it. It can take LOOOOOOOONG to copy, by the way.
That works on Windows 10. I do not know if it works the same on a Mac.