How do you disable Unity Analytics in Unity Pro?

How do you disable Unity-Analytics calls being made.

I have searched the forums, and I haven’t found s straight forward answer that works…

I am using Unity Pro, and exporting a WebGL build, Unity 2017.2.0f3

I have disabled HW Statistics in the Player settings.

I have disabled Editor Analytics (Pro Only) in Preferences/General settings.

I have then added

Analytics.enabled = false; 

Analytics.deviceStatsEnabled = false; 

to a script in the awake method…

Unity continues to make make calls back to unity, and Once, when Unity starts, and two additional calls when the project loads.
How do I disable these calls?

Same quetion here! These two calls are adding significant 3sec and 2sec delay on my WebGL loadup times. The game could load in 1.5s, but taks 6.5s!! That’s forever in internet time fyi.