How do you display animated gifs inside of GUILayout?

Can you place an animated gif inside of GUILayout? If so, How?

Using the Unity documentation here, I have seen that the GUILayout Label supports Images.

Label(image: Texture, params options: GUILayoutOption[]): void;


Label(image: Texture, style: GUIStyle, params options: GUILayoutOption[]): void;

Would you need to use code like this?:

public var pictureArray:Texture[];
private var picture:Texture; 
private var delay:int = 0;
private var count:int = 0;
function OnGUI () 
   if(delay % 20 == 0)
    if(count == pictureArray.Length)
        count = 0;
    picture = pictureArray[count];        
    delay = 0;        

If so, in which parameters of the label would this belong in?

Unity cannot animate .gif files, you have to use a series of images or a tile set and animate that using customised code.